Ikea Kitchens

TFK Renovations is a certified kitchen planner for IKEA.

Designing a kitchen made from IKEA products is easy with TFK Renovations. Everything is taken care of for you. From planning your kitchen, to installing all the pieces, we got you covered.

Planning your Ikea Kitchen.

Remodelling your kitchen is easy with TFK by your side. As a part of our design process, we go through the Ikea planner together.

What you need to about the planner:

  • We help you out with all the steps
  • We provide the installation service
  • You decide on the style of kitchen you want.
  • You can get inspired by checking out the IKEA gallery or our own portfolio
  • Our team handles all the measurements

See our portfolio to see what we can do for your kitchen using IKEA products.

A kitchen built for its purpose.

Creating a kitchen built from IKEA products has proven very versatile and productive. For example, their cabinets fit in almost any space. After all, a kitchen that is functional is its main purpose.

As for productivity, IKEA kitchen products create an area where your kitchen gets the most out its purpose. Keep all that you need in your kitchen in its desired place. You’d be surprised about how many things deserve an area in the kitchen. Also, compared to competitors, IKEA kitchen products are very affordable.

In summary, organization serves a high purpose in a kitchen. In that sense, we take that into consideration when we plan your kitchen. We are very familiar with IKEA products, and thus, have an idea on how it will all fit. The most popular kitchens we’ve installed are IKEA inspired. From our experience, our clients have been happy with the results.