Design & Creation

Bringing your ideas to reality. Your Edmonton home renovation is designed and perfected, before installation, with our 3D modelling and the help of our design & creation team.

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In home design to envision your future living space.

White and black kitchen

Site Measure

Making sure all the designs are a perfect fit in your remodel.



We offer estimates of your design.

Warranty paperwork


Receive up to a 5 year workmanship warranty.

Planning Out Your Edmonton Home Renovation

Our professional team of designers offers in-home consultations. Leaving no details out, our professionals consider all measurements, floor plans and ideas you may have.
Planning your Edmonton home renovation is like having it built right in front of your eyes. Additionally, to get the best picture, our team uses a planning tool that renders your kitchen in 3D. As a result, you get an exact picture of your future home renovation, before any construction. Finally, any questions you might have about the design & creation can be answered by any of our workers.
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Remodeling your Future Living Space

Designing your renovation can take multiple visits and time. We spend this time planning your space to allow for the proper functionality. Additionally, we take this time to create a beautiful space.

In home planning service includes:

Collection or verification of the measurements of your room including:

  • Room dimension (height, length, width)
  • Dimension and position of windows and doors
  • Position of external walls
  • Width of all windows (including the sill) and their height above the floor
  • Position of sloping ceilings
  • Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures e.g. Pipes, radiator
  • One-hour personal consultation with a qualified kitchen planner in your home
  • Detailed kitchen layout and 3D view drawing prepared on our design software
  • Itemized price quote for IKEA Kitchen products

General information:

An installation/trade estimate will be provided after an on-site walk-through with a project manager is completed.

Our Service includes

  • Assembly and installation of cabinetry
  • Demolition of the existing materials (if requested)
  • Scope of complete renovation confirmation
  • Price for basic home installation services and more installation services confirmation
  • Explanation of the buying and installation process
  • 1 hour home consultation / Measuring of space
  • 3D Design rendering
  • 1 hr Showroom Appointment for changes and material selections
  • Email Collaboration & Basic Installation Estimate
  • Walkthrough with Project Estimator (if needing trades)
  • Detailed Estimate
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Edmonton Home Renovation Estimate

Ask your designer for an estimate for your renovation after our in-home walkthrough. This happens a week or two following the initial visit.  Additionally, if needed, we can come back with our project manager to do an assessment of any major work.

TFK Renovations provides line-itemized installation estimates that are easy to follow. Additionally, with every installation, you have a project manager who coordinates all the services needed for your renovation.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is transparency. Our quotes are the first example of this. Furthermore, you will get an itemized breakdown of your project.

Finally, if you like to do some of the work yourself, let our design & creation team know what part(s) of your project you would like to take on and we will be happy to work with you.

Getting the most out of our services is very important to us. We want you to feel confident going into your home renovation, that’s why you have our team of designers and project managers to answer any of your questions.

The Estimate Includes:

Sizing: Modifications, when possible, to standard IKEA kitchen cabinets

Demolition: Demolition of existing cabinetry, countertop, sink, unhooking faucets and appliances, recycling or disposing of existing appliances, tiled backsplash, walls, floors, ceilings, and bulkheads

Prep: Preparation of walls, ceilings, and floors for finishes and cabinets

Electrical: Rough and finished electrical work to include lighting and appliance hook up, etc

Plumbing: Rough and finished plumbing work to include HVAC, sinks and faucets, appliance hookups, gas lines, etc.

Flooring: Supplying and/or installing flooring of your choice

Walls & Ceilings: Installing walls and ceiling

Painting: Prepping and painting walls in the colour(s) of your choice

Backsplash: Installation of backsplash

Debris disposal: Removal of construction and demolition debris

Removal: Removal, recycling and/or disposing of IKEA packaging, non-IKEA packaging

Distant travel: Beyond the designated regular installation of the service area of your IKEA store

Step Up: Installation on the 2nd floor or any higher floor

Non-IKEA products: Placing and installing appliances, sinks, and faucets, not from IKEA

Permits & Fees: Building permits and/or additional insurance certificates (applies to selected local municipalities only)

On-site evaluation for utility work: On-site evaluation for complicated electrical, plumbing or HVAC work


We’re crafted, skilled, and certified. Therefore, you can expect that your remodelling project will be completed with the utmost care. That’s why there’s no question that the correct installation will add years to your new living area. Additionally, with our help, you’ll soon be living in the home of your dreams.

5-year warranty

We offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on all of our installations. Where there are damaged products or poor workmanship, we provide replacement/repair services. Furthermore, for more information, ask one of our design & creation team members about the warranty.

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TFK Renovations is a full service company. We’re there, start to finish!

We have all the trades available to completely change the look of the interior and exterior of your home.

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One stop shop for trades

No need to deal with multiple trades, we are a one-stop shop. From design & creation to the final product, TFK Renovations has the skills to help with your next home renovation. Let our experienced framers, electricians, drywallers, tapers, cabinet installers, plumbers, painters, tile setters, and flooring installers make your ideal space a reality. Additionally, we offer all these trades to facilitate the process for the homeowner. Use our full service or opt to use only a few of our skilled trades. We will give you a custom detailed quote outlining the work for your project.

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plumbing work - design & creation
Design & creation - electrician holding wires
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Kitchen drawer installation - design & creation
Painting equipment - Design & creation
Drywall installation
Flooring installation


TFK Renovations hires installers that are dedicated and proud.

Contact us to book an in-home walkthrough with our design & creation team. We guarantee that your project will be looked after with the care that you deserve.

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Professionalism is our first priority.

Our team of installers will treat your home as if it was their own. Therefore, being friendly and respectful towards our clients and their property is mandatory in our training. Clients can feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best service possible.

Accommodating to your kitchen space.

You can expect our installers trained to be fast and efficient and have the experience to be able to modify existing plans to accommodate design flaws on the fly. Not to mention, they can accommodate any kitchen, offering custom service options to modify cabinets to meet your needs.

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