Cabinet Renovations Edmonton

Custom cabinets at an affordable price

Cabinet Renovations have to start somewhere, so why not start with your budget? Every TFK cabinet is made in a local shop. Although most people believe that custom local cabinetry is expensive, our prices are some of the best in the business. In addition, we can often beat the prices of the big box stores. Having quality control locally ensures that our builds are an exact fit every time. Therefore, there’s less waiting for ordering and shipping. This means you’ll get your unique cabinets faster and for a great price.

cabinet renovation

On A Budget?

We can refinish & refresh you old cabinets to help you stay within your budget!

First Steps

1. Book a measurement service and provide photos and inspiration to our designers.

2. Once we receive the measurements, we then book a Virtual Design. This is to lay out the kitchen and help choose colour options and interior finishes. Furthermore, our Design services are booked Monday through Thursday at a (specified time to be determined.)

3. After everything has been finalized, the cabinets are ordered and the payment is taken, we set a delivery timeline. This timeline is dependent on the level of business; it can range from 4 to 6 weeks up to 6 to 8 weeks for cabinets to be delivered. However, this will be confirmed at the time of order.

4. Installation is then booked. This tends to be 1-4 days depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Cabinet Renovations Edmonton

Our Materials

Choose the right cabinets for your home. With our wide variety of colours and styles, you’ll get the look you want with ease.
Additionally, we offer budget-friendly options with the feeling of luxury.

Colour Options


Cashmere Dusk
Jersey Fog
Oxford Grey
Feather White
Bamboo Shoots
Suede Stone
Cotton Mist

TFK Cabinetry – Custom cabinets at an affordable price

Every TFK cabinet is custom-made from start to finish in a local shop. Most people believe custom local cabinetry is expensive. However, our prices are some of the best in the business. In addition, we can often beat the prices of the big box stores because we’ve cut out the middleman. Bringing our quality control locally ensures that what we build is an exact fit each and every time. Therefore, there’s less waiting for ordering and shipping, which means you’ll get your unique cabinets faster and for a great price.

Custom Cabinet Doors

Suede Stone Cabinet
Suede Stone
Cabinet Renovations - Panther white
Panther White
Oxford Grey Cabinets
Oxford Grey
Nizza Style custom Cabinetry
Monaco style - Cabinet Renovations
Cabinetry Renovations
Cabinet Renovations
Custom Cabinets
custom cabinetry
cabinet renovations
custom cabinets
Jersey Fog Style
Jersey Fog
Driftwood Style
Cotton Mist Style
Cotton Mist
Cassis Style
Cashmere Dusk Style
Cashmere Dusk
Cannes Style
Black Style

Cabinet Renovations/Installation Estimate

We offer estimates for any home remodel including cabinet renovations. Furthermore, if you are installing new cabinets or replacing old ones, we will give an estimate after our in-home walk-through.

In-Home Walkthrough

TFK Renovations offers a free, in-depth, on-site, 2-hour consultation. This is done with potential clients to review the renovation work. Additionally, it is an opportunity to answer any questions you might have. Furthermore, it allows us to give an accurate quote with no surprises.

The Estimate Includes:

Sizing: The space and the size of cabinets needed.
Demolition: Taking away old cabinetry, and any other demolition around the working space. Taking a wall down for an open space, for example.
Prep: Any preparation needs before the project starts.
Electrical: Any lighting wanted around the cabinets.
Backsplash: If you want a new backsplash to go with your cabinets.
Debris Disposal: Removing any leftover debris from demolition and construction.
Permits & Fees: If any are needed.

TFK Renovations is a full-service renovation company. Extra Services Offered: Cabinetry supply and installation, Demolition, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Flooring, Painting, Texture, Backsplash Installation,Load Bearing Wall Removals, Engineering etc…

For a full list of what our estimate includes please visit our Design and Creation page.


Our cabinets are made with superb craftsmanship by skilled and certified tradespeople. Therefore, we take the utmost care and attention to ensure long-lasting quality. With correct cabinet installation, there is no question that you will add years to your living area. Furthermore, with our help, you will have the cabinets of your dreams.

5-year warranty

All of our custom cabinet installations come with a 5-year workmanship warranty. Therefore, if there are damaged products or poor workmanship, we will provide replacement/repair services. Finally, for more information, ask one of our team members and they’d be happy to help.

Quality Products

We use the trusted quality of Uniboard for any cabinet renovations.